Industrial Yorker

The Yorker package is for you if you have seen the world and appreciate the finer aspects of spatial dimensions.

The Yorker contains the scope of a metropolis, the freshness of the Industrial Revolution, colonial and modern elements and even a bit of punk.

The goal is to start with the good old things, then add some radically new things, producing harmony combined with juxtaposition and resulting in mutually reinforced contrast.


Industrial Loft

A loft is universally perceived as rooms with high ceilings, uneven bare brick walls and worn out concrete floors in a former factory building.

We have designed a solution with novel architectural shapes that, from a philosophical point of view, provides us with respite from elevated moral stances and allows us to become immersed in the sensual world of extremely diverse emotions. It is both a privilege and a skill to experience everything as directly as possible, without excessive interpretations. We are independent of words.


High Standard

High Standard will not be out of place in any Katla Maja apartment as it ensures high quality.
This interior decoration option is simple and clear.

The High Standard solution creates the impression of a boundless expanse while the bright walls emphasise the dark window frames.
Choose this package to give your home some character through different colours, materials and details.

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